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Royal Humane Society

  Instituted 1774      Registered Charity Number 231469


Here are some links to other organisations in the bravery awards and/or research field.

They are divided into the following groups:
If you would like us to include your organisation, please
e-mail us.

UK Bravery Awards Organisations UK

Carnegie Hero Fund Trust
Tel 01383 723638
Fax 01383 721862
E-mail: herofund@carnegietrust.com
Gives financial aid where a heroic act has brought misfortune to the rescuer or the rescuer's family. Certificates of bravery are also awarded in all cases and, occasionally, medals.

Lifeboats (RNLI)
West Quay Road
Tel 01202 663000
Fax 01202 663167
Makes awards of medals and certificates to RNLI staff or members of the public, who put to sea to save, or attempt to save, life.
Lifeboats (RNLI)
Address as above
Fundraising website aimed at raising money to support volunteer crews providing 24-hour coastal rescue service.
Liverpool Shipwreck & Humane Society
Room 19
Tower Buildings
22 Water Street
Liverpool L3 1BA
Tel 0151 236 1928
Gives awards for bravery and life-saving in Merseyside, Lancashire, Cheshire and the Port of Liverpool.
Order of St John
St John's Gate
London EC1M 4DA
Tel 020 7324 4081
Awards Life Saving Medals (Gold, Silver or Bronze) and certificates to those who've endangered their own lives by saving, or attempting to save, someone else.
Royal Lifesaving Society UK
Tel 01789 773994
Fax 01789 77395
E-mail: lifesavers@rlss.org.uk
Awards medals and certificates to members of the RLSS for saving or attempting to save life.
Society for the Protection of Life from Fire

For nominations:

Mr Victor Rance
29 Queen Anne's Gate
London SW1H 9BU
Tel 020 8661 2754

For research inquiries:

Guildhall Library
Corporation of London
Tel 020 7332 1863
Awards Bronze Medals and certificates to civilians and off-duty fire officers who enter a burning building to effect a rescue. In addition, monetary awards of up to 25 made to children involved in rescues.

The Society's records up to c.1998 have been transferred to the Corporation of London, Guildhall Library, Manuscripts Section where research inquiries should be made.

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Overseas Bravery Awards Organisations

Royal Canadian Humane Association
11143-70 Street
T5B 1S8

Tel 00 1 780 479 1837
E-mail: royalcha@telus.net
Makes awards to people who put themselves at risk to save or attempt to save others.

Royal Humane Society of Australasia
PO Box 18192
Collins Street East
Melbourne 8003

Tel 00 613 9650 3233
Fax 00 613 9650 5488
E-mail: rhsa@dot.net.au www.rhsa.org.au
Awards medals and a Certificate of Merit to people who risk their lives to save, or attempt to save, others.

Also operates a Relief Fund to support those injured during a rescue, or the dependants of those whose actions earn the Posthumous Medal.
Royal Humane Society of New South Wales
GPO Box 61
Sydney 2001

Tel 00 612 9265 2908
Fax 00 612 9265 2981
E-mail: nina.smith@nswfire.nsw.gov.au
Grants medals and certificates for acts of bravery in saving or attempting to save human life.

May make financial grants in cases resulting in hardship.
Royal Humane Society of New Zealand
PO Box 2335
Christchurch, NZ
Tel 00 64 3 358 2425
E-mail: norman.west@xtra.co.nz
Awards medals and certificates to people rescuing, or attempting to rescue, others at personal risk to themselves.

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UK Research Organisations

Life Saving Awards Research Society

E-mail: lsars@eurobell.co.uk
Encourages research into humanitarian awards around the world given for saving or attempting to save life. Publishes a journal of members' research 3 times a year.
Annual membership 10
The Naval Historical Collectors & Research Association
Tel & Fax 020 8406 5415

For research queries:

For membership:
Formed in 1988 by a group of naval enthusiasts for all those interested in any aspect of naval history.
The Review carries articles by members and is published quarterly.

Annual membership 12 (UK), 14 (overseas).
Orders & Medals Research Society
The General Secretary
PO Box 1904
CV47 2ZX
Tel 01295 690009
Founded in 1942 to promote and further the study of Orders, Decorations and Medals, to publish the results of research and to put members in touch with each other.
Quarterly journal.
Annual membership
UK 17 Overseas 25

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